Root Canal Therapy

Revitalize Your Smile. Root canal therapy comes into the picture when a tooth’s inner nerve succumbs to decay, trauma, or infection.

Root canal therapy comes into the picture when a tooth’s inner nerve succumbs to decay, trauma, or infection. In such instances, the tooth might become acutely sensitive to pressure and temperature, often leading to severe pain. While the early stages of decay and infection might not exhibit noticeable symptoms, advanced stages often result in the formation of an abscess—a pimple-like inflammation on the gums.

Faced with such decay or infection, patients are typically left with two choices: extract the affected tooth or salvage it through root canal therapy. Tooth extraction, although seemingly straightforward, can lead to significant, costly dental complications for the surrounding teeth and may potentially create more issues than it resolves.

On the contrary, root canal therapy emerges as a more beneficial alternative. This treatment preserves the tooth and ensures its full functionality, ruling out any future complications with neighboring teeth.

At Sunrise Smiles, our focus is on saving your natural teeth and restoring their health while ensuring your comfort and well-being. Our Idaho office offers comprehensive root canal therapy for those in need, ensuring a brighter, healthier smile in the process.

Have questions or concerns? We’re here to help. Contact Sunrise Smiles today to learn more about our root canal therapy and how it can pave the way for a pain-free, radiant smile.

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