Denture Options

UA & LA are abbreviations of the terms UPPER ARCH and LOWER ARCH respectively.

Dental Surgery

Includes tooth removal and smooth bone during a single visit.

TreatmentOffice Fee
UA & LA | 3-4 Teeth$1,000
UA & LA | 5-7 Teeth$1,500
UA & LA | 8 or more teeth$1,900


Helps make surgery much easier for you. Many of our patients choose sedation for extractions. *Prices for Eagle Rock Surgical Center may vary.

TreatmentOffice Fee
IV Sedation$780
General Sedation at Eagle Rock Surgical Center$1,860


Removable prosthetics come in several levels to provide exactly what you would like done.

Level 1 Economy

Includes economy teeth with choice of shade/color. flat gingival architecture (gums), and 1 adjustment visit. These are usually considered trial or temporary dentures and will likely need a denture hard reline, soft tissue conditioning liner and adjustments after healing from extractions to fit well.

TreatmentOffice Fee
UA & LA$1,025

Level 2 Basic

Includes premium teeth (last longer. look more natural) with choice of shade. natural gingival architecture (gums). 2 soft tissue liners and up to 2 adjustment visits as needed in first 6 months. You may need a denture hard reline after healing from extractions to fit well.

TreatmentOffice Fee
UA & LA$1,700

Level 3 Custom

Includes trial/economy denture during healing. and then (6 months later) a fully custom built/fit/designed premium denture for a natural looking smile -choice of shade. 2 soft tissue liners. and any adjustments needed for 6 months.

TreatmentOffice Fee
UA & LA$2,500

Denture Hard Line

Add material to existing denture base create a better fit and stability.

TreatmentOffice Fee
UA & LA$532

Soft Tissue Conditioning Liner

Add soft liner for comfort for sore spots or healing tissue.

TreatmentOffice Fee
UA & LA$428

Denture Adjustment

Adjustments to exisiting denture for single sore spots or clasp adjustments.

TreatmentOffice Fee
UA & LA$121

Denture Options

Stabilize dentures, allow 3-4 times better function, and prevent the need for denture adhesives.  

Level 1 Mini Implants

Miniature Implant placement and attachment. Miniature implants do not have the same long-term expectation as full-size implants, but serve as a great alternative lower cost option. Mini-implants do not come with any warranty or guarantee after the bone has successfully healed to the implant. Replacement mini-implants are $500 each.

UA | LA          $4000/per arch

Level 2 Full-Size Implants

Full-size implants come with a 5 year warranty against fracture after the bone has healed. For the upper. full-size implants allow for the removal of the palate (roof of mouth) section of the denture.

UA | LA          $4,990/per arch

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