No Insurance?
No problem.

We’re part of the Healthy Smiles subscription service that gives you financial access to the dental care you know and deserve.


(Kids under 13)


(Above age 13)


(Based on initial consultation)

Routine Exams & Cleanings

2 Routine Exams & Cleanings

2 Routine Exams & Cleanings

2 Routine Exams & 4 Perio Maintenance Cleanings

Fluoride Treatments

2 Treatments

2 Treatments

2 Treatments

Emergency Visits




Cosmetic Consultation

1 Consultation

1 Consultation

1 Consultation

Oral Cancer Screenings

Free Home Whitening Care

$200 Off Sleep Apnea Appliance

$500 Off Smile Design & Metal Orthodontic

15% Discount On All Other Services

This is NOT dental insurance. It is a subscription plan. Subscriptions to a Healthy Smiles plan cannot be used in conjunction with dental insurance or other discounts. This plan is only valid for participating dental offices. Care from other providers or specialists outside of a participating dental office is not included.

Plan fees are subject to change

Surgery, sedation, dentures, adjustments, products and/or other select denture services may not be included in any Healthy Smiles subscription.

If you are a current patient enrolling in the Healthy Smiles Program, your account MUST have a ZERO balance. 

This plan is not retro-active and will become effective on the date of enrollment. 

It is the subscribers responsibility to utilize the services included in this agreement within their plan year limit. Any unused benefits will not be carried over or refunded. The plan is non-transferable. 

It is the patient’s responsibility to inform this dental office of changes in billing information due to expired credit/debit cards, etc. Expired cards are not a valid reason for non-payment. If we are unable to process a member’s monthly credit card, the Healthy Smiles Program is VOID until payment is made. Any unused benefits during this time are relinquished

In exchange for the care provided under this plan, the covered member agrees to pay all balances in full at the time of the treatment. If treatment is not paid in FULL at the time of service, the 15% discount is void.

Services are based upon a plan year, subscription dues of the first payment are due on the date of the enrollment. All future payments will be processed on the first of each month. 

If discontinued within the first 90 days of enrollment, patients will be responsible for the total cost of treatments covered under their subscription. 

Enrollment and continued subscription to Healthy Smiles requires a valid debit or credit card on file.

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